This API is meant to be a tool for Discord Bot Developers. So that means that you need to create a Discord Account in order to apply for a Weeby API Token.

The team will be reviewing most of your bot's features so make sure it is online and the ID provided is a valid Bot ID. Applications that don't meet the requirements will get a DM response letting them know that their application was denied. If you have the feeling that your bot has reached these requirements, feel free to re-apply again.

Public Discord Bots

  • Must have at least 25 or more servers.
  • Must be online when we review it. (Online, Idle or Do Not Disturb)
  • Must contain the ID of your Discord Bot.

Private Discord Bots

If you are planning to use this API for your private Discord Bot. You must contact one of the Weeby API Developers explaining the following:

  • What your bot does.
  • Provided Evidence (Images, Videos, etc.)
  • The ID of your Discord Bot.

YOUR BOT MUST NOT BE SET TO PUBLIC. To check this, make sure that the switch is turned off on your bot's application page.

Private Bot


Using this method to get a token, and then making your bot public will result in your API token being revoked.