Staying Safe Online

NTM Development is committed into making every effort to ensure that the online experience is safe and secure for you, your developers and most importantly your users.

Reporting Weeby API Users

If you believe that a Weeby API user is breaking our guidelinesopen in new window, please report the user by emailing us at [email protected] with the following information:

  • Bot ID
  • User ID (If applicable)
  • What's happening?
  • Screenshots/Video Evidence

You may alternatively join our Discord Serveropen in new window and messaging a NTM Development member with the following information above.

Reporting Concerning Behaviour

If you also believe that a user is using our endpoints to dox, or to get personal information of a user. Email Nate using the following email address:

[email protected]

Although user safety is one of our highest priorities, we are not a substistute to the police and should not be treated as such. If you believe a crime has been committed, please report it to the local authorities so it can be properly investigated in a legal sense. We will assist any legal investigations to the fullest.

Don't share any personal information

You should never, ever share personal details with anyone. Information such as your age, address, phone number, full name, school, date of birth, license, passport (Anything that could be used to identify you) should never be shared and kept private. Giving this information to anyone could put you at risk of being scammed, or put you in danger.

NTM Central and it's divisions will never ask for your personal information. Members of NTM Development will never ask you to share personal information with them through any means of communication.

Be smart with your passwords (Including your Weeby API Token(s))

You should try to use strong passwords, and to use different passwords for every account that you use. Enabling 2FA (2 Factor Authentication) wherever possible is also a great way to keep your accounts safe and secure.

You should never share your password with anybody. NTM Central and it's divisions will never ask for your password.

Watch out for scams

Any website that claims to offer a free Weeby API Token or some other service is a scam that is designed to steal information like your password, or address. You should never trust any website that you are not completely sure of and don't enter any login details or download any files from any of these websites.

Don't be a victim of a scam. If you are a victim of a scam, you should contact the authorities immediately.

You should not click on a link that somebody has sent to you unless you are 100% sure that you know the person that sent it, and that it is safe. Make sure that the link matches up with the real address of the website before clicking it.

You should also not scan QR codes that you cannot verify the safety of. These are not safe and can be used to steal information, especially if it is are a Discord QR Code (only used for authenticating your account).


If you want to learn more about keeping safe online, feel free to visit this: in new window