Developers who use Weeby API are to abide by these guidelines to ensure that Weeby API runs smoothly.

  • Do not use the service to intentionally Spam, DDOS or Stress Test.

  • Scraping the API is prohibited.

  • No lying when applying, or using alt accounts to get more tokens. One Token is only allowed to one user and not your alts.

  • You should not be using Weeby API to bully, harm or target an individual with our endpoints.

  • You must not share your token with anyone.

  • You must not automate the api requests (i.e 10 second intervals)

  • Do not add any personal information, or dox.

  • Sell, or commercializing the API (endpoints) is prohibited.

  • Breaching the NTM Development Privacy and Terms.

You could be met with serious consequences, not limited to:

  • A warning given by one of the Weeby API Developers.

  • Your token being revoked from use.

  • In serious cases, an IP ban may be enforced.