Developers who use Weeby API are to abide by these guidelines to ensure that Weeby API runs smoothly.

  • Do not use the service to intentionally Spam, DDOS or Stress Test.
  • Scraping the API is prohibited.
  • Don't provide false information when applying, or using alt accounts to get more tokens. One Token is only allowed per user and can be used on any project that the user has created, as long as they run a Discord Bot.
  • You should not be using Weeby API to bully, harm or target an individual with our endpoints.
  • You must not share your token with anyone.
  • You must not automate the API requests (i.e. 10 second intervals)
  • Do not add any personal information, or dox.
  • Selling or commercializing the API (endpoints or token) is prohibited.
  • Provide or direct services to children under the age of thirteen (13) in the United States or, outside of the United States, the relevant age of digital consent;
  • Breaching and/or contravene the NTM Development Privacy Policyopen in new window and Termsopen in new window.

Breaching any of these guidelines will lead to:

  • A warning given by one of the Weeby API Developers.
  • Your token being revoked.
  • In serious cases, an IP ban may be enforced.